What can Psicle® do for your business?

Psicle® is a flexible, fit-for-purpose modelling environment with rich statistical, data management and audit functionality, providing a solution to the industrialisation of a wide variety of actuarial and financial modelling problems.


Psicle has a suite of integration connectors to embed external systems, processes and models into an end-to-end modelling process. A key feature of Psicle...


The Psicle calculation engine is designed to run granular calculations fast. Psicle is underpinned with an extensive statistical engine, the ability to perform complex...


It is crucial that business critical financial models have a rigorous governance process. As technical modelling becomes more complex, and are run more frequently,...

The time to produce our Technical Provisions has reduced to around 20 minutes and changes to data/assumptions can be made without needing to re-run the whole model. Data processing has been directly built into the model, saving time and reducing the possibility of human error. The ability to edit the model in-house has already lead to efficiencies and further development by the Actuarial Function is planned.

Reserving Actuary, Large Lloyd’s and London Market Insurer

Psicle gives us efficient, grown up processes that can be applied to a range of modelling and analytical challenges. Psicle provides greater management insights and enables us to soft close at quarter end with minimal human intervention. The entire model build and operation can be performed rapidly with limited training required.

Head of Risk & Capital Management, Multinational Insurer

When it comes to the reserving tools, there are many products on the market. The tricky part is to find a tool flexible enough to handle the changes in your company. Dynamo’s product Psicle was the only one able to provide the flexibility and changeability we need. Combined with the exceptional customer service and support delivered by Dynamo just when we need it, the tool brought a great value to our company. Dynamo helped us to automatise our reserving processes reducing the time and giving us possibility to focus on the interpretation of the results and actuarial judgement. We are looking forward to further collaboration and process optimisation where usage of Psicle grows with the company.

Reserving Actuary, Danish Mutual Insurance Company

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The Challenges The introduction of IFRS 17 poses many challenges to the insurance industry, including: A deeper granularity of data capture and requirements Incorporation...

Solvency II TP

In our experience, the calculation of Solvency II Technical Provisions (TPs) is not complex, but presents a logistical challenge in managing the large volume...

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